About YekPix

What we do?

At YekPix.com we are committed to help our clients, individuals or businesses, to create professional presentation decks with little effort and without the need of design skills.

How do we do it?

We provide high quality professional presentation templates for PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote that can be easily downloaded and edited to create custom decks.

Our designers create professional templates aligned with modern trends and current market needs. Our support team is ready to assists our clients with their visual content needs in order to get the most of our templates. 

At YekPix we create simple but powerful slide designs that can be edited to match any presentation need.

Our Templates

Our Templates are created with the “easy to use, easy to edit” mantra in mind and the commitment to deliver the highest standards and graphical quality. Each Template, Diagram, Chart, Map and Shape is entirely created with PowerPoint objects, allowing the user to fully customize its appearance, without losing visual quality.

Users create PowerPoint presentations and decks just populating our templates with their content and branding or combining the different visual assets of our gallery into their own new appealing designs.

PowerPoint Templates

We Provide you with a wide range of Professional PowerPoint Presentation Templates ideal for all business Needs.

Google Slides Themes

Deliver an effective presentation and captivate your audience by using our best Google Slides templates and Themes.

Keynote Templates

Great collection of the most professional looking Keynote templates that’will work perfectly for your next presentation!

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